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About the Artist

JillJill Hunter is an accomplished portrait and impressionistic artist specializing in capturing the twinkle in a child's eye and the love in a pet's posture. Her watercolor paintings are filled with sunshine and nostalgia.

"It's a gift to use a paintbrush to record one's thoughts and observations about God's fascinating creatures and the world we're in," Jill says. "As a self-taught artist, I'm often surprised when one of my designs is complete -- one minute a sketch, the next, it's come to life! The creature's eyes begin to twinkle or the scene draws me in.

"Over the years, I have tried various techniques and have welcomed the expertise of my artist friends. A wealth of knowledge is always there for the asking! I was recently asked to share my techniques with a group of grade school children. They were all a little shy until I asked them to introduce themselves and say with confidence, 'I am an artist!' I saw the room come alive! The little ladies and gentlemen became more and more confident as they introduced themselves. By the end of the morning, they were sharing their creative dreams -- and busily preparing for their next works of art.

If you want to be an artist, just say that you are! Start recording your ideas by sketching, explore the various media available. Join an art class, have fun!

"I'm constantly looking for new subject matter," she continues, "but sometimes it chooses me! Since I started painting, I've enjoyed working on anniversary gifts, murals for display over fireplace mantels, family and pet portraits, whimsical art cards with wildlife, and scenes of historic St. Augustine. My favorite media is watercolor and watercolor pencils, and I often use a touch of acrylics for emphasis."

A breast cancer survivor, Jill's philosophy is simple: "I now welcome each day with a smile and a prayer. My motivators have evolved from popularity and conformity to seeking all things reasonable, creative and uplifting. While I enjoy using my creative talents, I am also a paralegal. My right and left brain have agreed to meet each other half way."

One of Jill's most popular specialties is creating portraits of homes, which become family records as well as a treasured keepsakes.


All of Jill's art prints are also available as art cards -- and specially designed and created seasonal cards are among the favorites. Her art cards are hand constructed and are a perfect way to deliver a special message. But they're not just note cards; many consider them a gift as well. The recipients are often so taken with the artwork that they have the cards matted and framed.

Jill welcomes commissions for original art portraits or scenes. With each portrait, you will receive a set of 25 notecards imprinted with the portrait.

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